Planting Schemes

Contemporary, formal or tropical? What style of garden would you like? Not an easy question to answer with so many options available. Our friendly staff can devise a planting scheme tailored to your needs, desires and budget. If you have a particularly adventurous garden in mind or have special requirements we would be pleased to introduce you to a garden designer we work alongside who could arrange a consultation with you. Once you finalise and approve the scheme we would implement the design in your garden and, of course, we would be delighted to maintain your new garden to keep it looking as good as the moment it was created.


Tree Surgery

Do you have an unruly tree that would benefit from re-shaping or needs to be removed altogether? We believe trees are precious and deserve respect although we recognise there are times when they can become dangerous and a threat to your property and people living close by. Allow us to take care of this for you and what might initially seem like a big job will be taken care of without fuss and with minimal disruption to you and your garden.



Lawns & Turf

A healthy lawn should be a prized possession and we want yours to be beautiful. We know how to nurse an ailing lawn back to tip top condition, however if you want that instant carpet of green perhaps you should consider re-turfing. New turf requires a little care and attention from you (even between our regular maintenance visits!) but it will pay off in the long run and you can enjoy your new lawn almost immediately.



Seasonal Clearance

Each new season brings something wonderful to your garden however you are also left with some clearing up to do. Allow us to do the dirty work for you. We’ll clear the leaves off your lawn or patio and prepare the beds in autumn, prune your trees in winter and clear weeds and tidy up in spring and summer to make room for new growth. We will also remove all your green waste and take it to a local authority approved environmental green waste site.


Front Gardens & Driveways

Most of us like to spend time enjoying our back gardens. Wouldn’t it be good to have an equally beautifully cared for front garden? Even the smallest space can be green and inviting. Take pride in the entrance to your home and give yourself and your visitors something beautiful to see every time you approach your front door. If you wish to pave part or all of your front garden we can advise on selecting materials which will allow water to soak away in to the ground as it is now accepted that laying hard surfaces contributes to flooding and eventually increases local temperatures.


Landscaping, Decking & Paving

Have you considered changing the layout of your garden to make it more attractive? This can be achieved through soft landscaping with the introduction of lawns, plants and trees. A stunning effect can also be created with hard landscaping including the use of decking, paving and other materials. A combination of both soft and hard landscaping can transform your existing garden in to the garden of your dreams.